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* Brite or Black Powder Coat
* Wrapped or Non-wrapped
* With or Without Stake Pockets

Vehicle Application     Straight Wrapped Front Box Front Box Rear TG Rear TG
Make & Model Year Bed Style Bedrails Bedrails Cover Cap Cover Cap
Chevrolet Silverado 07-13 LB N/A N/A KW609 KW909 KW709 N/A
    SB N/A N/A     Flat Panel  
GMC Sierra 07-13 LB KW811 N/A KW609 KW909 KW709 N/A
    SB KW812 N/A     Flat Panel  
Chevy/GMC Silv/Sierra Pickup (not dually) 99-07 LB N/A *KW8607 KW600 KW971 KW708 N/A
(Not for composite bed)   SB N/A *KW8608     Flat Panel  
Chevy/GMC CK Classic Pickup (Old Body) 88-00 LB N/A *KW8600 KW600 KW971 KW700 KW902
    SB N/A *KW8601        
Chevy/GMC CK Pickup 73-87 LB KW802 N/A KW601 KW970 KW701 KW901
    SB KW803 N/A        
Chevy/GMC Sportside Pickup 73-98 SB KW806 N/A KW603 KW973 KW703 KW904
S10/S15 Pickup 94-05 LB KW853 N/A KW653 KW996 KW753 KW953
    SB KW854 N/A        
S10/S15 Pickup 82-93 LB KW804 N/A KW602 KW972 KW702 KW903
    SB KW805 N/A        
Dodge Mega Cab 06-07 SB N/A *KW8659 KW659 KW967 KW759 KW968
Dodge Ram Pickup (New Body Style) 02-08 LB N/A *KW8658 KW659 KW967 KW759 KW968
    SB N/A *KW8659        
Dodge Ram Pickup (Old Body Style) 94-02 LB N/A *KW8655 KW654 KW997 KW754 KW954
    SB N/A *KW8656        
Dakota Pickup (Not Quad Cab) 97-04 SB KW848 N/A KW649 KW989 KW749 KW949
Dakota Pickup 87-96 LB KW851 N/A KW651 KW991 KW751 KW951
    SB KW852 N/A        
Ford F-150 (Not Heritage) 04-07 SB-LB N/A N/A KW674 KW974 KW774 N/A
              Flat Panel  
Ford F-250, F-350 Super Duty 99-07 LB N/A N/A KW624 N/A N/A KW924
    SB N/A N/A        
Ford F250, F350 Pickup H.D. (Old Body) 97-98 LB N/A *KW8625 KW625 KW980 KW725 KW926
    SB N/A *KW8626        
Ford F150 Pickup (Heritage) 97-04 LB N/A KW8674 KW673 KW969 KW773 KW963
    SB N/A KW8675     2 pc.  
Ford F-Series Pickup 87-96 LB N/A *KW8625 KW625 KW980 KW725 KW926
    SB N/A *KW8626        
Ford F-Series Pickup 80-86 LB N/A *KW8625 KW625 KW980 KW727 KW925
    SB N/A *KW8626        
Ford Flairside 93-04 SB KW826 N/A KW652 KW992 KW752 KW952
Ranger Pickup 93-11 LB KW829 N/A KW626 KW982 KW728 KW928
    SB KW830 N/A        
Ranger Pickup 82-92 LB KW827 N/A KW626 KW982 KW726 KW927
    SB KW828 N/A        
Ranger Splash 94-C SB KW857 N/A KW655 KW998 KW755 KW955

* Available with stake pocket holes, add "-S" to end of part number. (for black staked add "B-S")

All bed protection available in black powder coating, add "B" to end of part number. (ie: KW873B)


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